A Small Salon for Writing

Are you writing now? Do you want to start writing?

Wherever you are with your writing, discussing it with a small group of aspiring and accomplished writers can help.

Having a published writer read your work and discuss it in a safe and sympathetic setting (my living room) will help your process.

We will use selections from some of my favorite writers as our “text” (including George Orwell, Joan Didion, James Baldwin) and discuss how you can apply their work to strengthen your own.

An individual conference with each person in the group will be part of the process. Only people who appreciate the sancitity of others’ experience need apply. Other valued attributes are a sense of humor and a love of the written word.

$1,000 for eight sessions. Each prospective participant will be interviewed and may interview the leader!

Each of us has a rich buy propecia rogaine source of
within us—a living well of
ideas, stories,
pictures and dreams

What former participants are saying:

“Dan [is a] warm, encouraging   presence and shares a wealth of experience and knowledge.”

“Dan Wakefield is an inspiration.”

“Dan was excellent! I also appreciated the clasmates, as they were open and honest”

“What a joy! I’m writing things I’ve never put down on paper, finding memories I’d forgotten. I’m so grateful.

“Your workshop was instrumental in getting my writing back off the back burner.”

“Dan is an excellent teacher, creative, knowledgeable.”

“Stimulating, fun, thought-provoking.”

“I haven’t done any creative writing since high school, and now, thanks to Mr. Wakefield, I am addicted.”

“The suggestions proposed by Dan Wakefield guided me into some alternative thinking. I saw story opportunities all the time in a few weeks. This has been a lovely re-introduction to my imagination.”

Dan Wakefield

Dan Wakefield

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