Uncle Dan's Story Hour

Episode 7

"The Hollywood Years"

Aired: June 5, 2017

A series of very special, and very weird, stories from Dan's Hollywood Years

Episode 6

"The Home Front during WWII"

Aired: March 27, 2017

Writer Dan Wakefield, Host Will Higgins, and guests discuss WWII

On this episode of Uncle Dan’s Story Hour. “The Home Front during WWII”. Writer Dan Wakefield and Host Will Higgins of the Indy Star talk with guests about their experience at home in Indy during WWII and 3 Japanese American women recall what it was like in the internment camps. Recorded live at the legendary Red Key Tavern.

Episode 5

"The Struggle for Racial Equity"

Aired: February 27, 2017

Featuring Dan Wakefield and James Baldwin of the film "I Am Not Your Negro"

On this episode of Uncle Dan’s Story Hour:

  • Dan Wakefield tells of The Emmett Till Murder Trial
  • Hear James Baldwin of “I Am Not Your Negro” film speak on justice
  • Dan Wakefield speaks of his friendship with James Baldwin
  • Guests include: Attucks star Bill Hampton, newly inducted into Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, and Pat Payne, IPS director of “Racial Equity” program

Episode 4

"Creativity and Madness"

Aired: January 30, 2017

With writer Dan Wakefield, and renowned author and pediatrician, Dr. Mark Vonnegut.

Mark tells us about what it was like growing up with Kurt as a father before he became a cultural icon, when Kurt was piecing a living together selling Saabs, and was turned down for teaching an English Course at Cape Cod Community College.

More importantly, he talks frankly about his problems with mental illness, as he does in his memoirs The Eden Express and more recently Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness, Only More So, which involves starting a commune in British Columbia, taking mescaline before and acid during the commune days and ending up in a mental hospital in Canada, and later getting into Harvard medical school. He later had 3 other mental “breaks” but has survived and carries on his work as pediatrician in Boston.

This should be heard by the following people:

  • Lovers of the work of Kurt Vonnegut
  • People who are or want to be writers, painters or musicians
  • People who have ever been mental patients or fear they may be
  • Relatives of people with mental problems
  • People who want to know about the effects of drugs.

Episode 3

"Seekers Of The Spirit"

Aired: December 23, 2016

2016 Holiday Special featuring stories of spirituality and faith from several guests

On this episode of Uncle Dan’s Story Hour. Seekers of the Spirit. Writer Dan Wakefield, Guest host Anne Ryder, Butler University Professor and author Hilene Flanzbaum, and Managing Director of the Desmond Tutu Center Waseema Ali, share personal stories of spirituality and faith. Recorded live at the legendary red key tavern.

Episode 2

"Writing from Dangerous places"

Aired: November 28, 2016

Dan, Will Higgins, and Doug Wissing swap stories of writing in the field

On this episode of Uncle Dan’s Story hour, Writing from Dangerous places. Writer Dan Wakefield and his friends, Will Higgins of the Indianapolis Star and author Doug Wissing, share stories while on assignment in the Middle East about playing tennis with a high ranking Iraqi general, and interviewing Golda Meier. Recorded live at the legendary Red Key Tavern.

Episode 1

Aired: September 16, 2016

Uncle Dan invites us into his world in this first episode of Uncle Dan's Story Hour

Take a step back in time with author and screenwriter, Dan Wakefield and his friends for Uncle Dan’s Story Hour. Recorded live at the legendary Red Key Tavern. Hear stories about Dan’s hit novel and movie “Going All The Way”, attending Shortridge in the 50s, and his friendship with Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Uncle Dan invites us into his world and his love affair with Indianapolis.

Dan Wakefield

Dan Wakefield