Uncle Dan’s Book Nerds Night

The next Uncle Dan’s Book Nerd Night is November 12, 6-8 p.m. in the Aristocrat Pub’s Oxford Room. Get Tickets

Uncle Dan's Book Nerds“Uncle Dan’s Book Nerd Night” is for all who enjoy reading and talking about books. This is not a “Book Club” because you don’t have to read a particular book to come and enjoy the talk and camaraderie. On “Book Nerd Night” one Sunday  evening a month from 6-8pm, Uncle Dan Wakefield and one of his writer friends will not only talk about a book they have written, but also about the books that inspired them, their favorite authors, the peaks and pitfalls of being a writer, (which will include answering some of your questions) and all things literary, inspirational, perhaps even revelatory, and most of all (hopefully,) entertaining!

My guest writer for the first “Book Nerds Night” will be Barb Shoup, author of An American Tune, absorbing novel of turbulent ’60s as it went down in the midwest, and Looking for Jack Kerouac, young adult novel that captures the spell of the hippie author-hero who continues to fascinate new generations. Shoup is director of Indiana Writers Center, touchstone/support of aspiring Hoosier writers.

Book Nerd Night will be at upstairs dining room (The Oxford Room) of Aristocrat Pub (52nd and College), on the second floor, private entrance to left (south) of Main Entrance to the restaurant.  Since the bar is in a separate room, college and high school students will be welcome at the event! (They can eat but not drink alcohol of course.)  Check menu of The Aristocrat – everything from burgers to full course dinners of steaks, chicken, fish, and 60 Craft Beers!

PS – We regret that our schedule for these events did not work out with The Red Key. We continue to frequent The Key for food, drink, and fellowship – as well as the best jukebox in the U.S.!  

Dan Wakefield

Dan Wakefield