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The Story of Your Life

Writing a Spiritual Autobiography

“What a wonderful book is Dan Wakefield’s The Story of Your Life. It will help many people to write their own spiritual autobiographies . . . And I suspect that many readers are going to want to take one of Wakefield’s workshops in writing your spiritual autobiorgaphy.”

– Madeline L’Engle, author of A Wrinkle in Time


Creating from the Spirit

A Path to Creative Power in Life and Art

“This book will stretch your mind and help you find the source of your own spiritual and creative powers.”

– The Yoga Journal

“This potentially life-changing work should appeal to the same wise readership as Julia Camerons The Artist’s Way.”

– Publisher’s Weekly


If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?

Vonnegut’s witty and wise advice delivered at college graduations and in his talks on receiving the Carl Sandburg Award, and to the Indiana Civil Liberties Union. A great gift for the college graduate, post graduate, and hopeful graduate!

Dan Wakefield

Dan Wakefield